A Mystical experience is categorised as a sense of union with God. (Beauregard & Paquette, 2006). The argument on whether God really does exist has been open to much debate since Four B.C. (Before Christ). With more new technical advances breaking through in science the question of whether the idea that God really exists, or whether people have honestly experienced any Mystical encounters with the lord are being further criticised.

Beauregard & Paquette researched into their theory that Religious/Spiritual/mystical experiences (RSMEs) created a response within the temporal lubes, one that could be seen and measured using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The journals headline read Neural correlates of a mystical experience in Carmelite nuns. This is quite a misleading title as this give the reader an inaccurate description that there is proof to mystical experiences, whereas in reality the mystical experiences which are explained in the study focuses their attention on the nuns own interpretation of their experiences with God, which are going to be bias. They recruited 15 Carmelite nuns age ranged between 23-64 to participate in the study where they measured both nuns re-experiencing their most mystical experience and the most intense state of union with another human being, the study showed that there was activity in the ?? but this should no way be implied that this is proof of existence, just that certain arousal complexities were demonstrated when the nuns thought about their experiences with God.

The telegraph had reported “Nuns prove God is not a figment of the mind” (Highfield. R,. 2006) again based on the idea that an mystical experience from God can now be proven through science. Dr Beauregard is commented as neither confirmed or disconfirmed the existence of god. He was merely measuring any brain activity in comparison to experiences with God and experiences with people. The study would have been less bias should they have used participants who were not religious.


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